A Quick Eagles Look Ahead… Week Three Edition

Last updated on September 18, 2019

The Eagles focus is on their week 3 opponent, the Detroit Lions, as it should be… but I’m under no such constraints. So what do we have to worry about or be excited for in the weeks that come? Lets take a quick look at some of that.

Ugh… Week 4…

So imagine you are a Philadelphia Eagles player. You just got done a tough game against the Detroit Lions. You’re tired, sore and you’re heading home. You pull off the interstate ready to hit the bed when you realize in less than 4 days you’re getting on a plane, flying to Wisconsin and playing one of the darling teams of the NFC for a nationally televised game.

Thursday night games are just shitty. The NFL in it’s ever expanding stupidity really really likes them. Nobody else does. Wonder if the money has anything to do with it? Naaa… not a non-profit like the NFL.

Week 4 is going to be a tough one. Not just because of Aaron Rogers. Thursday games are bad for everybody involved but especially hard on the road team. Of the 161 listed games on wikipedia and my admittedly rushed tally… since 2006 The home team has won 93 games to the away teams 68 wins.

Even considering that a few NFL in London games were included in that tally, as well as some Saturday and/or Holiday games, that is quite the advantage for the home team on a short week.

My very official research…

The Return of the Green Goblin

Sometime in the near future Jalen Mills will be back in all of his green headed glory. Mills has been on the PuP list since July and can’t by rule return to practice until after week 6. At that point it will be nearly a year since he left early during the Jacksonville game with a “day to day” foot sprain.

Well, this has been one hell of a foot sprain. With Darby clearly not fully back from his injury and the early season struggles with really all of the Eagles CB’s let’s hope he comes back 100% with a minimal amount of rust to knock off. Love him or hate him, he has been our best CB the last couple years.

The Bye Week

Some years the Eagles get pretty screwed with their bye week placement. I have to say, this year it seems to be in a pretty good place. After 3 away games vs the Vikings, Cowboys and Bills the Eagles will leave the Linc Nov 3rd vs the Bears and not play again until Nov. 17th for two more home games against the Patriots then the Seahawks on the 24th.

Perhaps the two most difficult games of the season. I know I feel much more comfortable giving the Eagles coaching staff an extra week to prepare. Aside from that, week 10 just feels like a good spot for a rest. After those two games the Eagles end their season against the Dolphins, two against the Giants, One against the Redskins and one vs Cowboys at home.

With so many division games and big games coming after the bye, seems like that rest may come at just the right time.

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