Report: Chris Long has not ruled out comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles.

It would be no surprise that The Eagles and Chris Long remain in communication.

Prior to the 2019 season amid reports that Long was not interested in coming back with a diminished role, he decided to retire from the league.

With the recent serious injuries to Malik Jackson and Timmy Jernigan that role may now have the chance to expand as Brandon Graham will more than likely switch back to the 3rd down DT.

Long who is just starting a digital media company by the name of Fishbowl, during an interview with The Athletic would not rule out a return to the Philadelphia Eagles. Citing that they had more than enough content to launch their first season.

You can read the full story on it here.

My take away is that Chris Long would be more than happy to give it one more shot… if the circumstances were favorable to him. With the Eagles suddenly needing help on the Defensive line that may now be the case. Will be keeping an eye on this one.

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