The End Of Eli Face

In a move that surprised literally nobody, Eli Manning has been benched for Giants 1st round pick Rookie Daniel Jones. Manning who will be getting paid $23,000,000.00 to keep the bench warm, is just the latest of dumb moves by the Giants front office.

The Giants would of been better off cutting Eli and only paying him $11,000,000.00 to keep Peyton’s couch warm. If they could of found a team to trade for him (a big if) they could of got away with only having to pay him $5,000,000.00 to make some of their competition worse.

Anyone not drenched in self delusion has seen this coming for a long time. So basically everyone not named Dave Gettleman or Pat Shurmur.

I will be sad to see Eli go, with a 10 – 20 record vs the Eagles all time, including 0 – 2 in the playoffs, I’ve found him very entertaining in our yearly match-ups. Especially as of late only winning 4 games against our Birds since 2009.

Assuming hell doesn’t freeze over and Manning has played his last game, he ends his career with a .500 record. Absolutely mediocre. If he would of played in any other market nobody in their right mind would say Hall of Fame within the same breath as Eli. That’s going to be the story line now though and I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s a first ballot HOF’er.

I feel bad for the Eagles DL. I’m sure they were looking forward to beating up on the brat one last time. I feel bad for all of Eagles nation today actually, because we may never get to see Eli face ever again. So please enjoy the brief gallery below of some of his all time great dumbass facial expressions.

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