Feels Good Man…

Q: Hey Siri, What is a Green Bay Packer anyways?

A: A Green Bay Packer is 3-1 Thanks to the Eagles.

I had been dreading this game since the schedule came out. Short week. Away game. Aaron Rodgers. That only increased with the recent play in the previous 3 games. Sloppy football does not travel well to Lambeau field. Sometime around 8pm last night that all went away.

I just got this feeling over me. The Eagles were going to win this game. I was feeling good man. Maybe it was all the ass kissing the Packers and Aaron Rodgers were getting pregame, maybe it was some transcendental connection with the ether of the ever expanding universe, maybe it was the Jack n Coke, but I fucking knew it.

No Bullshit.

The Eagles didn’t disappoint, they fought through all the bullshit calls, the continuing injuries, the legacy of Aaron Rodgers and Lambeau and just stuck their middle finger in the air screaming fuck the world.

Green Bay couldn’t handle our shit. The OL, with Howard and Sanders, finally got it together and crammed it down the Packers throat all night long. I’ll give Green Bay credit, they know how to breath through their nose but that just wasn’t enough to escape the Eagles pounding.

Some credit to Dougie P here as well. The design of the screen pass game last night was just the tits. He took a look at some of our most common plays, that every team we face is ready for and can call as soon as we line up and turned them into Judo. Using the Packers aggressiveness against them, they got played time and time again for huge chunks of yards.

The defense stepped up big against the run and did just enough against the pass not to lose. Sealing the win with a guy just off the practice squad breaking up the final pass of the game to give Bradham a redemption INT after dropping a sure pick 6 earlier in the game.

A special shout out to Alshon Jeffery, who was clearly in pain the entire night but just kept making play after play after play. A couple better throws from Carson and this game might not of had to go to the last minute, but my frustration with Wentz can wait for another day. I just feel too good right now to give a fuck.

And I should. We all should.

This was a team win from start to finish, against a legitimate Superb Owl (not a typo) contender, on a short ass week at one of the hardest places to eek out an away win in the NFL. They fucking did it, we fucking did it.

and it feels so, so good.

Next comes the Jets, on OCT 6th…. 9 days from now. Enjoy the mini bye week, get healthy, keep up with the self scouting… things could be turning around Birds.


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